5 Apps Every College Student Should Have

Between studying for exams, writing papers, working and trying to have a social life, it can be tough to stay on top of things. In other words, college is hard. 

Today I’ve compiled a few of my favorite apps that help me stay organized, help me study, and keep in touch with classmates so this college thing is made a little easier. Bonus: they’re all FREE. But let’s be real, do any college students really have any extra money to spend on an app anyway?

Note: These apps should be available on both Android and Iphone. 🙂

  1. Google Keep

If you’re an organization junkie like me, this app is a lifesaver. Seriously, you should see my app…there are probably over 20 to-do lists going at a given time. 😉

Ever since I installed it a year ago, I haven’t gone a day without using it. Google Keep allows you to create to-do lists, take notes, draw, record voice notes, and store pictures.

You can color code your lists and notes for extra organization and store them into categories so this app is perfect for anyone-not just students. You can also access Google Keep on your desktop too if you prefer.

  1. Quizlet

For your classes that require a lot of memorization of terms and dates, flash cards are the answer. I used to go out and buy flash cards, but I hated that after the test I never used them again and they would just accumulate in my desk drawers until I was forced to throw them all out. I mean seriously, I’m probably never going to need to know the exact dates that things happened in history in the real world…just sayin’. 😉

Quizlet lets you create flash cards online or on your phone so the app comes in handy when you need to review quickly before a test. You can also share flash card sets with other people, so it’s great for classes and study groups.

  1. GroupMe

Since I am majoring in Public Relations and Advertising there are a LOT of group projects…I actually do more group presentations than write papers now as an upperclassman. Keeping up with your group is a must to be productive and get things done, but having one spot where everyone can communicate is SO much easier than managing a large group text. I’ve used GroupMe on almost every single group project so far and I don’t know what I would do without it.

  1. TED

I’m obsessed with Ted Talks. There is so much you can learn from them and I think they are especially great for college students who need to learn a lot about a particular subject or get a new perspective on things.

The TED app lets you browse all Ted Talks by category (so much easier than YouTube) and you can download the talks so you can listen without using data..win! I like to listen to a talk while I’m walking to class, waiting, or during my drive to school. This week I’ve been listening to “The Art of Stress-Free Productivity” by David Allen and I’ve found it really motivating.

  1. MyStudyLife

MyStudyLife is a great app for managing your calendar and keeping track of classes. This is another organization app for keeping track of your school schedule. You can even have it remind you before you have a test or an assignment coming up…which has definitely saved me a few times.

Thanks for reading my top 5 apps for college students! What other apps are you guys loving for staying organized in school?

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