Blogmas Day 8 – December Coffee Chat

Happy Day 8 of Blogmas! It’s time for another monthly coffee chat, where a few of my blogging besties and I each talk about a different topic every month on our blogs! Today the ladies of the coffee chat and I are discussing holiday shopping tips and sharing what our go-to hostess gift is.


Happy December, everyone! My best holiday gift shopping tip is to make a list early on of everyone you want to buy a gift for, that way you can jot down any ideas you have when they pop into your head! It can be hard to find the perfect gift when you just show up at the mall without a clear sense of direction of what you want to get everyone, so being prepared helps. My go-to hostess gift this year is a cheese plate that’s shaped like Oklahoma! They have them for every state and I think it’s a cool way to show appreciation to your hosts and keep it local.

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Holiday Shopping Tips | A Blissful Haven


When it comes to Christmas shopping, I’m all about starting early and finishing before the rush. The best thing to do is at the beginning of November, make a list of names of those that you absolutely have to buy for and set a budget for each person. There are so many sales going on before December that you should be able to get all of your shopping done in advance. It’s important to create a budget so you can enjoy all of the holiday festivities rather than being financially stressed.

As for a hostess gift goes, I always opt for a bottle of wine or a homemade treat such as cookies, snack mix, or fudge. If I’m giving some type of food, I try to find a cute platter to display the food on. A great place to find cute platters is surprisingly Goodwill.

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Instead of waiting until after Thanksgiving to start Christmas shopping, I recommend shopping for those on your list year-round. This allows you plenty of time to get the perfect gift, plus any time there’s a special sale or clearance, you can take full advantage. Doing this has saved me tons of time, money, and stress, and allows me to relax and really enjoy the holiday months more. I also recommend shopping online, as you can get so many discounts and almost everywhere offers free shipping now. I also never shop online without using my favorite cash back website, Ebates.

The biggest thing to remember when shopping for family and friends is to be thoughtful with your gift. I always try to really think about things that the person wants/needs and get something that they’ll truly appreciate. One of my favorite ways to spread love in the holiday months is by baking sweet treats and delivering them to my neighbors, family, and friends, and I especially always love taking it to the hostess of a party. They’re always so appreciative, and as someone who loves to bake I truly enjoy it. I’m so excited for Christmas and all of the fun activities this month!

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Holiday Shopping Tips | A Blissful Haven


It took me a few years but I have finally mastered my holiday shopping – I know, I’m a dork – but I am so proud. I’ll let you in on my secret… It’s called Black Friday + online shopping. I know you are all probably like what? Black Friday? Girl, that is no secret! but I promise it is all about the time and place babes. Here is what I do, I go to my local outlets and I go from 9am to 1130am. Time is critical and here is why, I go after all the hardcore shoppers and before all the normal humans in the world wake up. Two, going to the outlets instead of the mall – where the stores are equally as great – cuts down all the waiting and lines. They still have all the same deals as the stores and since not as many people go to the outlets you have more of a selection. So I get about 85% of my shopping done on Black Friday and the rest on Cyber Monday and as the deals roll out online. Genius – I know – and you can totally steal my idea just give me credit and stay away from my outlet 😉 jk jk. 
As for my go-to hostess gift, I love wine and cheese. I’m a bit of a cheese-hoe so I always love giving or bringing a chic cheese board, some wine and a set of adorable wine glasses. For an extra touch I like to bring an assortment of my favorite gourmet cheese. 
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What shopping tips do you have? Do you have a go-to hostess gift?

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