Christmas Bucket List – Blogmas Day 7

Happy Hump Day and Day 7 of Blogmas! I’ve been officially blogging daily for an entire week, and it hasn’t been as hard as I thought it would be! Writing daily has been a really great exercise that’s helping me become more creative and improve my writing skills.

I’ve been reading a lot of other Blogmas posts this past week, and yesterday I was inspired by Kayla Blogs’ Holiday bucket list post so I wanted to share my own Christmas break bucket list!

I’ve already done numbers #9, #15 (Obviously!), and #19, so that leaves the next couple weeks of December to get the rest done! Now that my fiancé and I are mostly done unpacking and settled into the new apartment after the move last weekend, we’re going to spend this upcoming weekend setting up the Christmas tree, walking around several local Christmas light displays, and are finally going to start our gift shopping!


After finals are done in two weeks, I’ll have a lot more spare time to do the rest. I seriously can’t tell you guys how much I’m looking forward to having a relaxing pajama and Christmas movie day. This girl is in serious need of some relaxation!

Also, I did #11 (Making homemade marshmallows) last year, and I have to say that they were probably the best. thing. ever. I used this recipe I found on Pinterest. Seriously, regular store-bought marshmallows do not even come close to homemade!

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Today’s Blogmas question of the day: What’s on your Christmas bucket list this year?

Share with me down below and don’t forget to save this post to your holiday Pinterest boards using the botton down below! I’ll see you back here tomorrow for Day 8 of Blogmas!


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