My Morning Blogging Routine – Blogmas Day 6

Even part-time and hobby bloggers know that sometimes blogging can feel like a full-time job. All of that writing, social media promotion, and emails piling up in your inbox can make you feel overwhelmed. Today I’m sharing my blogging routine with you for today’s 6th Day of Blogmas, in hopes that it will inspire you to create a routine of your own that works for you. I’ve found that having a daily blogging checklist really helps me know what I need to do to stay on track and stay stress-free!


Respond to emails, organize inbox,  flag important emails.

My blogging routine starts bright and early, usually while I’m still in my pajamas and always with a cup of coffee. I sleepily log into my blog inbox and the read subject lines of the emails waiting before me. Several online shopping promotions, a couple responses from PR companies I’m working with on sponsored content, and usually a pitch or two from weird companies I’ve never heard of that want me to share their content on my blog for free. (Ugh, anyone else hate this?!) By now I’m awake, and I take the time to respond to the emails that I can and organize and flag the important emails for the projects I’m working on at the moment.


Schedule new blog post, plan photos for the blog and social media, etc.

Call me old-fashioned, but I’m one of those people who prefers writing my to-do list out on paper rather than make one on my phone or computer. I write down the day’s date and then look at my blogging calendar to see what I can get done that day. Lately it has been my goal to write a new blog post every single day, because I feel like that helps me keep the creative juice flowing in my brain. (Thank goodness for #Blogmas so I have an excuse to post daily!) I also usually have to take some type of photo for upcoming posts, so I schedule that for the afternoon when the lighting is best in my apartment. You should see the place when I’m taking blog photos…it’s a mess of lights, white cardboard for backgrounds, and tons of photo props.


Post to Instagram, FB, Twitter, etc., respond to comments, share posts to Facebook groups, and comment on other blogs and social media posts.

My favorite thing about blogging is the community I’ve found through social media. I typically post to Instagram, Twitter, and Google + in the morning, re-pin a couple things on Pinterest, and schedule a FB post for later in the day. Based on a lot of trial and error, I find those times are when I get the best engagement. After I’ve posted on social media, I’ll go through and respond to any comments I might have. I’ve been making it my mission to respond to every single one, because social media is about community and I have so much fun talking with like-minded people through Instagram and Twitter!

After that, I share that day’s blog post to a couple Facebook blogging groups that I’m in. My all-time favorites are InfluenceHer Collective and Blogging College. These groups have daily threads that allow you to share your latest work with those in the group. If I have extra time that day, I’ll scroll through the posts on these FB groups and read some of the blog posts and leave a thoughtful comment on them. I find that this is a great way to not only build your community and make blogging friends but get your blog out there to others who might not have found it yet.


Check stats on Google Analytics, track social media growth, and followers/unfollowers.

This part is usually exciting for me. After all, as bloggers who are hustling on the side while often balancing work and school, you want to see that all your hard work is making a difference! I log into Google Analytics and scan the homepage for how many people have viewed my blog yesterday, this week, this month, etc. It’s a great way to track how you’re doing with growth and you can even see stats like where your readers are from, how long they’ve spent on your site, and more. I also like to see how my social media platforms are growing. These numbers usually fluctuate, especially with the follow/unfollow method being so popular on Instagram now…yikes. One of my favorite free tools to track Instagram growth is InstaFollow. It basically tells you your gained and lost followers, the people you’re not following back, and shows your mutual friends. If you’re tracking your social media growth too, just remember not to get discouraged by anyone who unfollows you. Often, it’s not anything personal.

The rest of the day I spend at school and work. Once I get home from work, I finish up anything left on my to-do list that I haven’t had time to fit in between classes or work breaks.

That brings us to today’s Blogmas question of the day: How do you balance your blog or side project with work?

Share with me down below in the comments! If you missed yesterday’s Blogmas post about how to get into the Christmas spirit, check it out here.

I’ll see you right back here tomorrow’s for Blogmas post Day 7!


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