Top 5 Drugstore Foundations for Pale Skin

If you have naturally pale skin like me, you know that finding a foundation that actually matches your skin tone is next to impossible. It seems like a lot of brands don’t make shades that are light enough. Most of the foundations that I’ve tried in the past have either applied too yellowy to the skin or have oxidized throughout the day and left my skin looking orange.

In other words, pale skin can be really tough to match.

But have no fear, I’ve compiled a list of my favorite pale skin drugstore foundations that can hopefully save you from any more hassles at the makeup counter without breaking the bank!

A bit about me: I have oily skin, so some of these foundations might be better suited for certain skin types. Also, I used the Sigma F80 Flat Kabuki to apply all of these.

1. Loreal True Match Foundation in C1 Alabaster. $8.99


I cannot say enough good things about this foundation! This line is one of the few drugstore brands I’ve found that carries many variations of lighter shades such as “Alabaster.” The Loreal True Match Foundations carry tons of different shades in warm and cool tones, so there’s something for everybody. This foundation offers buildable coverage and is incredibly blendable. It leaves my skin feeling and looking smooth and I find that I hardly ever get any excess oil while wearing this. Even better, it comes with an SPF of 17.

2. Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation in 010 Light Porcelain. $4.99


This foundation is practically a steal at under $5. What I love about this foundation (besides the price for this college girl) is that it applies pretty thickly and gives tons of coverage without making my face feel too heavy. The mousse consistency of this foundation applies beautifully and doesn’t require a lot of work to blend it in. The light porcelain shade is actually light enough for my face to match my neck. (The eternal struggle of never finding your perfect shade.) While it advertises that it will keep you matte all day and offers shine control, I find that after several hours of wear my face still gets pretty oily, so if you have similar skin keep a powder compact or blotting tissue handy. However, that’s minor in comparison to the affordability and smooth texture of this stuff.

3. Maybelline Fit Me! Matte + Poreless Foundation in 110 Porcelain for normal to oily skin. $5.99


Props to Maybelline for also offering a porcelain shade of this great foundation. This stuff claims to keep skin looking matte and poreless, and I find that I can get by most of the day without getting too oily. Of all the foundations in this post, this one probably has the lowest level of coverage, but it applies smoothly and lasts a decent part of the day, so I’m not complaining.

4. Loreal Pro Matte Infallible Foundation in 101 Classic Ivory $12.99


This is one of my favorite foundations because it holds true to lasting 24 hours and literally keeps my skin looking matte all day! This product claims to have a light-as-air texture, but I found the formula to be a bit heavy when first applying it. I love the medium coverage it gives though, and it left my skin looking super smooth.

5. Rimmel 25 Hour Foundation 091 Light Ivory $7.99


Rimmel stepped up its game and made a 25 hour foundation. Okay, so the 25 hours thing is a bit of a stretch here. (I should know, I tested this product out during finals week.) But, this product makes it into my top 5 drugstore picks because it is light enough to match my skin tone and is my go to when I want a full coverage foundation that is going to hold up all day. This foundation has an SPF of 20 and has something called a comfort serum, which is supposed to keep it feeling great on your face for the 25 hours that it’s supposed to hold up.

Overall, I love the affordability of these foundations and usually rotate through all of these throughout the week, depending on what kind of coverage and look I am going for.

Those are my top 5 pale skin picks for drugstore foundation! What other drugstore foundations are you loving at the moment?

*This post is not sponsored. All opinions are my own.

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