Whole30 Week 1 {What I ate & How I Felt}


Happy Monday, friends!

I’m sure most of you know what the Whole30 program is, as it has been really popular for several years now. If you don’t, it’s essentially an elimination diet designed to reset your metabolism, kill your sugar cravings, and allow you to develop a healthier relationship with food.

After a college semester full of late night Denny’s, drinks with friends, and microwave dinners, I was feeling pretty crappy.

I decided that after I finished finals and went on summer vacation that I would give the Whole30 program a try.

So what do you have to give up on the Whole30 program? No added sugar of any kind, no processed foods, no alcohol, no grains, no legumes, and no dairy. 

I know, it sounds like a lot. But focusing on what you CAN have makes it all seem a lot more do-able. For example, you can have tons of vegetables, fruit, eggs, quality meat, potatoes, nuts, and healthy fats like Extra Virgin Olive Oil and avocado. (Thank goodness!)

One of the most important things you can do to prepare for the Whole30 is research! I’m sure you’ve all heard:

“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”

I hope by sharing my experiences and what I ate during week 1 of the Whole30 program that I can inspire some of you to show you that you can have a ton of delicious and healthy meals that are not only compliant with the program but will make you feel amazing.

So, how was week 1?

I’ve heard horror stories about what stopping your regular consumption of sugar and processed foods can do…everything from killer headaches to mood swings and cravings.

But surprisingly, besides for one minor headache, I finished week 1 feeling like a had a TON of energy and finished the week without feeling like I was depriving myself.

What did I eat on week 1 of the Whole 30?

Day 1-

Breakfast- Sweet potato muffins with egg. (Courtesy of Pinterest!) Half of an avocado, and a handful of cherry tomatoes. Black coffee and lemon water. (Coffee creamer has been one the hardest things for me to give up so far!)


Lunch- Lettuce wrap with turkey, tomato, shredded carrots, red onion, and mashed avocado. Sweet potato fries. La Croix. (A Whole30 necessity) 2 mandarin oranges.



Dinner- Chicken tenderloins with mashed avocado. Cooked in  EVOO and seasoned. Cherry tomatoes. Asparagus. Iced Tea. 2 mandarin oranges.


Day 2-

Breakfast- 2 boiled eggs. Sweet potato fries. Leftover asparagus. Watermelon. Black coffee and lemon water.


Lunch- Leftover lean beef patty. Broccoli. Sweet potato fries. Watermelon. La Croix


Dinner- Salad. Leftover chicken. Mashed avocado on top of chicken and salad. 1 hardboiled egg. Watermelon. Iced tea.


Day 3-

Breakfast- Two poached eggs. White potato fries. Sautéed mushrooms and peppers. Tomatoes. Watermelon. Lemon water. Black coffee.


Lunch- Lettuce wrap with turkey, shredded carrots, red onion, and mustard. White potato fries. 2 mandarin oranges. Iced tea.


Dinner- Salad with shredded chicken, 2 boiled eggs, cherry tomatoes. Dressed with EVOO and red wine vinegar. Watermelon. Iced tea.


Day 4-

Breakfast- 2  eggs, sautéed mushrooms, and cherry tomatoes. Watermelon. Black coffee and lemon water.


Lunch- Baked white potato with broccoli and hot sauce. Avocado. Cherry tomatoes. Watermelon. Schweppes sparkling water.


Dinner- Chicken with avocado. White potato fries. Watermelon. Iced tea.


Day 5-

Breakfast- Two eggs. Sautéed mushrooms. Avocado. Watermelon. Black coffee and lemon water.


Lunch- I was SO excited to find out that Chipotle has Whole30 compliant options! I had a salad bowl with double carnitas, pico de gallo, spicy salsa, and guacamole. Water.



Dinner- My fiance was really craving some Outback so I did some research and found a Whole30 option. I had a 6 oz wood fire grilled sirloin steak. (Make sure you specify that it be cooked in olive oil and no butter!) Grilled asparagus with a plain baked potato. Iced tea.


Day 6-

Breakfast-2 boiled eggs. Pomegranate seeds. Coffee with coconut milk. (Trader Joe’s.)


Lunch- I was out shopping with my sisters when lunch time rolled around, but luckily I was able to find a local taco place similar to Chipotle that I could customize to be Whole30 approved. This is a salad with double carnitas, salsa, jalapeno, cilantro, and guacamole. Iced tea.


Dinner- Aidell’s Chicken and Apple sausage with onion and peppers. Sauteed in Coconut Oil. Avocado. Watermelon.


Day 7-

Breakfast- Leftover sausage, peppers and onions. Fried egg. Fresh strawberries. Lemon water and coffee with coconut milk.


Lunch- Aidell’s Chicken & Apple sausage, boiled potatoes, asparagus, and fresh strawberries. Green tea.


Dinner- {Not Pictured} Sunday night was girl’s night, and I wasn’t too hungry from my late lunch, so I had some fresh strawberries and pistachios.

And that completes week 1! Have any of you done the Whole30 program? What were your results?

Stay tuned for a week 2 update!

Until next time,


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